About The Book

International Best-Selling Author, John Burley...
International Best-Selling Author, John Burley…

Reading this book won’t change your life…

…but learning and applying the Money Secrets of the Rich will.

Unlike many financial books, Money Secrets of the Rich is more than just a lecture put to paper. It is a step-by-step guide through my Money Secrets of the Rich program.

This is not a book designed to make you feel like you’re doing something about your financial situation just by reading it and keeping it on your shelf.

This book is about getting you to take actions that will change your current financial situation and set you on a path toward Financial Freedom.

If you’re willing to take that journey, Money Secrets of the Rich will guide you every step of the way as you complete one chapter and its assignments each day for 30 days. Together with this comprehensive online resource centre, you’ll not only know exactly what you need to do, but how you need to do it and where to go for all the tools and resources to help you.

No more excuses. Make the decision to change the course of your financial future today!


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